During the summer, it’s typical to see women wearing leather shorts outfit for a combination of comfort and flair. Leather shorts are far from a seasonal item, despite its association with warmer weather. When worn with tights, they remain a popular choice for winter attire, demonstrating how fashion continues to change and presenting new ways to wear old favorites regardless of the season.

Styling leather shorts outfit can be difficult. The main problem that ladies face is deciding what to wear with them to get a beautiful and sophisticated image. But don’t worry! 

We’ve produced a list of 20 fashionable outfit ideas with leather shorts that are sure to inspire your wardrobe. Let’s get this party started:

1. Oversized Cardigan and Black Leather Shorts

A bold appearance is always in style, whether it’s in the summer heat or the winter frost. Wear this look with black leather shorts and an oversized cardigan. Depending on the temperature, add a standard white shirt or a cropped sweater for the top, and finish with black sunglasses, a black sling purse, and tall black boots.

2. Black Leather Shorts and a Transparent Top

Pair black leather shorts with a matching black corset for a dramatic yet feminine look. This rough style is offset by a beautiful transparent faery top. For an exquisite touch, pair the outfit with a black purse and white-heeled sandals.

3. Tights and stockings with leather shorts

Sexiness isn’t always about exposing one’s body. A fitted black sweater with black stockings below your leather shorts can look just as good. Wear this style with open hair in the middle and pencil heels.

4. Leather shorts and a one-shoulder crop top

With a one-shoulder crop top and black leather shorts, you’ll be the life of the party. Use accessories sparingly, such as a tiny necklace, and conclude your stunning appearance with a pair of high shoes. Whether it’s a late-night party or a well-planned gathering, this ensemble strikes the perfect balance of trendy and casual elegance.

5. Red Leather Shorts with a Chic Top

Channel your inner celebrity with a look that combines flaming red leather shorts and a trendy shirt. A pair of strappy high heels can give a touch of sophistication. Finish the ensemble with a tiny red purse, which is ideal for turning heads wherever you go.

6. Black leather shorts and a top with a wild animal print

Break free from the monotony of black leather shorts and an adventurous animal-print shirt. A ribbon design on the front of the top adds a vintage touch, and a dramatic swipe of crimson red lipstick adds a stunning contrast.

7. Safari-printed shorts, a sleek top, and a leather jacket complete the look.

Looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous black leather shorts? Why not flip the color scheme? Wear safari-inspired leather shorts with a form-fitting black blouse and leather jacket. For flawless harmony, pair this edgy style with black tights and a sleek black clutch.

8. Jet black leather shorts and a warm turtleneck sweater

Immerse yourself in a creative combo that includes leather shorts and a comfortable white turtleneck pullover. Depending on the weather, you might show off your bare legs or wear fashionable stockings or hefty knee-high boots.

9. Black leather shorts and a sleeveless sweater

Wear a white full-sleeved shirt with a half-sleeve white patterned jumper on top and black leather shorts to channel your inner schoolgirl. For the ultimate schoolgirl look, wear with knee-length boots.

10. Boots with shorts, a shawl, and stockings

Pair navy blue leather shorts with a semi-loose shirt and shawl to change up the color pallet. With black netted stockings and boots, you can keep your legs semi-transparent.

11. Leather Shorts with Cold Shoulder Top

With a cold-shoulder shirt and black leather shorts, you can get an attractive style. Floral-patterned stockings with matching low-cut boots, as well as a black medium-sized sling bag, might enhance the look.

12. Athletic Look: Leather Shorts, Vest, and Sneakers

Wear your leather shorts with a cozy vest and stylish sneakers for a dynamic and athletic look. This combination draws attention to your well-sculpted legs and elongates your silhouette, making you the focus of attention.

13. Riding Boots with Leather Shorts 

Consider wearing your leather shorts with knee-high, lug sole boots, often known as riding boots, for an outfit that perfectly combines cool and stylish. This simple yet attractive combination demonstrates your fashion savvy and adaptability. 

If the temperature drops, don’t be afraid to add a pair of snug tights to your outfit for extra warmth. This adaptable suit is the ideal sartorial choice for easily transitioning from fall to winter or winter to spring.

14. Leather shorts with a wool blazer, tights, and boots

If you’re looking for a more refined look, perhaps for a dinner excursion with friends or a romantic date, the combination of sheer tights with a structured wool blazer is ideal. 

Add a trendy ankle bootie, closed-toe pump, or heel to the ensemble, reminiscent of the fashionable Parisian streets last autumn. Simply replace the heel with a flat boot or a strong loafer for a more casual look. This simple change combines elegance and comfort, highlighting your adaptive style.

15. Leather Shorts Outfit in Varried Colors

This winter, experiment with leather shorts in different hues. The deep tan suit, ideally layered for the cooler months, is a pleasure to behold. A pair of thick tights will undoubtedly be your ally on those chilly days. 

Layering a shirt with a twill jacket and a leather vest creates a beautiful mix of layers, patterns, and textures. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lengths of leather shorts! 

16. Leather shorts, combat boots, and a long coat 

Our next winter style agenda includes an easy pairing of leather shorts with flat combat boots, such as a classic pair of Dr Martens, and a long camel coat. 

The combination of camel and tan with black is a color scheme I adore, but the timeless combination of grey and black is also a good choice for those frigid winter days. Choose a dramatically long coat to give this look a modern, fashion-forward feel.

17. When worn with a Sweater Vest

When you decide to make a fashion statement, make it a memorable one! The leather paper bag shorts in this ensemble are not only eye-catching, but also a scene-stealer.

The combination of a sweater vest and a white shirt is a timeless classic that is far from boring! The boots are what give this outfit its distinct taste. Their functionality and comfort, as well as the brilliant splash of color and striking design, provide a playful touch to the outfit.

While protecting your eyes from the sun, the sunglasses provide a touch of coolness. This fashion-forward clothing sets you apart from the throng who wears jeans and a t-shirt to work every day.

18. Paired with a silk button-up shirt

This outfit is excellent for a thrilling evening out, whether you’re going to a concert, hitting the clubs, or simply meeting up with friends over drinks. The brown leather shorts are highly appealing, giving the impression of long legs.

Furthermore, the white short-sleeved shirt is certainly appealing, with a distinct texture that gives it a sweater-like feel rather than a conventional shirt. Not to mention the boots, which are so comfortable you’ll want to wear them every day!

19. Leather shorts with a bikini top

Looking for a stylish yet playful ensemble? This combination of a red bikini top and black leather shorts will look great. The model completes her ensemble with sandals and a black shoulder bag. If your location is a sandy beach, we recommend skipping the footwear for a more authentic beachy vibe!

20. Leather shorts with a long leather coat 

Pair leather shorts with a matching leather coat to show off your daring, fashion-forward side. This daring combination exudes a rock-chic feel, ideal for anybody looking to create an edgy yet unquestionably elegant style statement. Allow the leather-on-leather trend to take charge of the scene!


Ladies, how do you intend to wear your favorite leather shorts today? We can’t wait to hear about the gorgeous appearance you intend to achieve with these clothing ideas.

Don’t forget to tell us about your fashion plans, and stay tuned for more style inspiration that will exceed your expectations!


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