One-shoulder dress is like a dress that offers versatility in your wardrobe. To enhance the beauty of this versatile dress, versatility in hairstyle is vital. If you choose the one shoulder dress for any occasion, the key to making a statement is to show off your exposed arm and collarbone. 

Pulling your hair up is a simple option, but a wide range of additional hairstyles will give you a personalized and sensational look.

15 Appealing Ideas for One Shoulder Dress Hairstyles

Before selecting any hairstyle, remember that not all hairstyles look well with every outfit. Combining your hairdo and outfit is the key if you want to look your best. 

Before deciding on any hairstyle, ask your hairdresser for advice on how to style your hair perfectly. Let’s move toward the list of 15 hairstyle ideas that go phenomenally well with a one-shoulder dress.

1. Short Bob

A short bob hairstyle is perfectly versatile. This hairstyle is easy to adapt and is an excellent way to show off one’s face and shoulders. 

With the help of your stylist, you can create the most appealing look by cutting the hair into a jaw-length style that is uniform in length all over the head. 

To flaunt your one-shoulder dress don’t forget to add highlights in your simple middle-parted stylist-tailored short bob hairstyle.

2. Side Ponytail 

Trimming your precious locks to highlight your shoulders is not a heart-winning idea. A side ponytail is a simple but attractive hairstyle for everyone on every occasion. 

With a simple side ponytail, you can enhance your look just by brushing the strands with a side part and efficiently binding them in a low-side ponytail. Leave the rest of the ponytail straight, or add waves, curls, ribbons, and beads to your locks. 

3. Bangs + Layered Lob

Bangs are classic, and so is this layered lob hairstyle. The layered lobs with bangs are great for a no-fuss hairstyle. It adds natural volume and movement to your hair. 

This ideal blonde-haired lady’s style has wispy front strands skimming the brows, paired with gentle layers sitting on the shoulders, accentuating the bare arm. Highlighting and use of spray to increase volume in your hair will also give this hairstyle a textured and breezy appearance.

4. Stylish Updo

Wana feels like an ethereal princess. 

Why not try an updo hairstyle with your off-shoulder outfit? These exquisite hairstyles give you the feeling of looking like a princess. Not only this nowadays, this updo counts as the go-to hairstyle of every star. 

The sides are braided with free loops and tied in a messy low bun with some wavy strands loose in front. You can also create this classic hairstyle with a modern twist. 

No matter what style you choose for your updo hairstyle, this hairstyle is the most elegant way to elevate your hair game. It goes remarkably well on every occasion. Even brides can give an inspirational look if they wear an updo hairstyle with an embellished crown.

5. Afro Curls with Highlights

Afro curls are the most effortless hairstyle for the one shoulder dress. Enhance the look of natural afro curls by cutting them in layers until you get the size you want. Create more variation by adding two-toned or caramelized color highlights. Hand-tousling the kinky coils completes the style. 

6. Side-Tousled

This is the most basic yet engaging hairstyle you can make for a one-shoulder dress. Thoroughly Sweep your locks off one side of the face, give the locks a rich dye copper color, and cut them in lengthy sections for a mesmerizing look. To keep the wavy strands away from the shoulder or to show off accessories, apply bobby pins if necessary.

7. Elegant Braid

Another iconic hairstyle that looks great in a one-shoulder dress is braid. You can style your braid in many ways to create a diverse look as per your taste and occasion. The light brown hair is parted on the side and braided down to the ends. The addition of highlights, beads, and pearls elevates the look of the braid.

8. Box Braids

 Box braids are another eye-catching hairstyle that gives your off-shoulder outfit a look. The hairs are braided into medium braids all over the head with caramel blonde strands. 

Whether you pin back the braids at the front, throw your braids off the shoulder or up in a ponytail—these boxer braids are the perfect hairstyle for everyone, especially black ladies.

9. Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are timeless. It is the most glamorous hairstyle that has not lost its significance over the years. In this braid, strands of hair are fused into each other from the front to the ends on both sides, with a neat middle parting. 

This braid gives your off-shoulder dress a different and unique look. The addition of beads, pearls, or flowers between braid sections enhanced the beauty of the hairstyle. Don’t forget to use hairspray if you want to keep the hairstyle in place all day.

10. Ombre Curls

This ombre hairstyle will undoubtedly draw all eyes to you. In this extraordinary hairstyle, the strands are cut into medium-length or in lots of layers, with the dark shade at the roots gradually blending lighter as it goes down to the ends. Finish the look with bouncy curls for a fun look.

11. Chic Bun

Why go for complicated hairstyles when a simple high bun offers you an incredible chic look? You only need bobby pins to secure your hair into a beautiful bun on top of your head. Pull out some curled strands from the front and get ready to brighten your mood. 

12. Huge High Bun

A huge, high-hair bun is a style that ranges from simple to striking and everything in between. With a stunning one-shoulder outfit, a wide and wispy bun is the ideal prom hairdo. 

To achieve this look, you need a sponge or a hairpiece if your hair is thin or to add volume to fill it out. Feel free to use extensions or hair spray to secure any frizz. 

13. Sleek High Ponytail

A trendy high ponytail is one of the best ways to show off your one-shoulder dress. You just need a tail comb, hairspray, hair gel, and a hair tier to create this look. 

Hair should be sleek and straight to draw attention to the areas that require it the most. You can get the required height and length with the assistance of a hairstylist. To reduce tension on the scalp, use hairspray to control flyaways. 


14. Curls with a medium springiness

Because of the medium length of the hair, this curly hairdo and one-shoulder dress look great together. Shorter hair with a side part opens up the look around your shoulders. You can still flaunt your lovely hair and your eye-catching attire.

15. French Braids for Framing the Face

Face-framing French braids are carefree or easygoing. These one-shoulder braids are ideal for drawing attention to your shoulders. You need to incorporate strands of hair into a braid. Secure the whole strands with an elastic or hairband of your choice. This swept-forward design also works well with a backless gown.

Take Off

Showing off your one-shoulder dress in a sensational way is simple, whether your hair is short or long. Pull it into a ferocious high ponytail, a stunning pixie cut, or a cute and sassy bob. The possibilities for hairstyles for one shoulder dress are genuinely limitless.

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