White kitchens are timeless. However, homeowners everywhere are now falling in love with black kitchen designs.

The black kitchen trend began in 2016, but in 2023, the demand for black kitchens skyrocketed.

Keeping demand in mind, there are many elegant and appealing ways to incorporate black into your kitchen.

Before heading toward the black kitchen design, you need to consider some factors, which are:

1. The Design of Your Home

Before making any decision, don’t forget to consider your home’s overall aesthetics. From modern to farmhouse and industrial styles, black kitchens integrate well with a wide range of styles. However, black cabinetry may clash if your property has a distinct, traditional style.

2. Lighting in the Space

The amount of natural light your home receives matters greatly in deciding on a black kitchen design. If the space is not lit enough, the addition of black cabinets may make it feel even darker. But that doesn’t mean you are backing off your dream of having a black kitchen. Additional lighting will compensate in such instances.

3. Unlimited Options for Cabinets  

It is not necessary that black cabinets are just for black kitchens. You can use them at your home entrance, in a bathroom, below the stairs, or around the fireplace. You can create whatever look you want for your home. With your imagination, the sky is the limit! 

4. Harmony with Other Elements

A black kitchen and cabinets may make a strong impression. Using light-colored countertops, backsplashes, curtains, wallpapers, or wall colors balances the room and prevents dominating the space.

5. Personal Preference

Ultimately, the most vital factor is your liking. Your home space gives you a look that makes you feel comfortable and happy, if it is according to what you prefer. If you like the look of black cabinets in the kitchen or wherever you want in your home, go ahead and get them!

The Perks of Having a Black Kitchen

Black kitchen designs are, by definition, more striking. You can’t ignore its aesthetics.

Black complements any style. Whether you want to go conventional or modern, black makes everything appear sensational.

Black is a good choice if you want a stylish kitchen with a universally appealing color palette.

The Difficulties of Cooking in a Black Kitchen

The most challenging thing that most of us face while cooking in a black kitchen is that black gives your room a smaller feeling,  which obviously no one wants in a beautiful new kitchen.

Black absorbs light; on the other hand, brighter surfaces reflect light. This implies that if your kitchen lacks natural light, it will feel more like a Batcave and less like the open entertaining space we all desire.

What Is The Key To Making A Black Kitchen Work? 

There should be plenty of lighting. Consult with your designer to determine how much black will work in your kitchen, as well as how much natural and artificial light you’ll require.

How To Rock A Black Design In Your Kitchen

Do you believe you could never pull off an LBK (or little black kitchen)?

Consider again! There are numerous ways to incorporate black into your new kitchen without creating a gloomy environment.

Black Kitchen Accents

Accents are an essential aspect of any room. They’re also an excellent method to introduce new colors and styles without committing to costly changes to counters and cabinets.

For example, you may place black vases, attractive pots, and some black accessories on the window sill. It may even be used as window trim!

Lighting and Hardware 

Lighting is vital for black kitchen designs, but it also serves as a means to incorporate color. If you’re still unsure about how much black you want to incorporate, use lampshades as a stepping stone.

The same can be said for your cabinet and drawer handles. Your hardware is the perfect tiny step towards the dramatic, and it will add some extra flair to your kitchen. 

What’s the best part? 

These can be modified if you dislike them after five years.

Remember to Include

Black plumbing fixtures are still popular right now, and they are becoming more affordable all the time. There are even black refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers on the market.

Wall Area

You can do whatever you want with your wall space because it is a blank canvas. This involves blackening it.

A black wall can be used to display diverse colors and textures, such as photographs, open natural wood shelving, or anything else that fits your style. After all, black complements everything.

Paint is quite inexpensive to change after reconstruction, so if you decide it’s not for you, you may choose something else. On the other hand, you may fall in love with the color and begin incorporating it in other areas of your home.

You can also experiment with color on the backsplash. Many individuals like a more patterned design to suit their kitchen, and there’s no reason black can’t be part of that pattern!

Your Isle

Are you devoting a lot of time to designing the ideal kitchen island? 

That’s what we like to hear since it’s vital to many people’s kitchens. But don’t forget to include black when it comes to materials and colors.

A dark island can offer just the right amount of drama. When combined with a light counter, you get a streamlined monochromatic effect that is light and airy while still retaining diversity. 

It can either function as a single dark accent piece or give continuity to your cabinets.


Cabinets are the lifeblood of every kitchen; you can’t have one without them in some shape or form. Why not use black?

When combined with lighter walls and counters, black cabinets make a powerful statement or add a dramatic accent to an already darker-toned kitchen. 

That is their beauty – they truly go with everything!

You can mix and match styles and finishes to achieve the desired effect. Consult with your Laurysen designer to determine the best combination.


A black countertop is a terrific option if you want more than an accent but less than many cabinets. They give any place a nice polished look and are a great asset if you want to go with a black-and-white motif. They also come in various materials, allowing you to achieve the desired style and texture.

Countertops are one of the most expensive aspects of a kitchen to replace. We encourage you to ask your designer as many questions and examine as many samples as you need to feel confident in your decision.


Your new kitchen will have the Laurysen touch from top to bottom, including the flooring. Consider adding black to your flooring if you’re ready to commit to the look.

A black tile can be a terrific way to create a statement while also making your light-colored kitchen features stand out. On the other hand, dark colors tend to expose dirt, so if you choose a black floor, be prepared to keep up with sweeping.

Complete Black Kitchens

Some folks are all or nothing. That’s where an all-black kitchen comes in, and with the appropriate design and materials, it can look simply magnificent.

Suppose you want to make an all-black statement kitchen. In that case, we recommend including a lot of light (natural or artificial) and some reflective elements (such as a polished metallic fridge).

This will assist in keeping your kitchen from appearing too dark. Instead, it will appear modern and smart, making you the envy of your family, friends, book club, and anybody who sees it.

Remember that light dust, footprints, and pet hair will be visible on dark floors and furniture. If you decide to go with a darker color, be prepared to spend more time cleaning.

Should I go with a matte or glossy finish?

Finishes are an essential component of your kitchen renovation. 

Which one should you pick?

Matte is a fashionable style that is not limited to the field of home design. It’s regarded as having a more flat finish with no gloss.

Gloss, on the other hand, refers to a shiny surface. While many individuals are opting for matte these days, gloss is still a terrific style option.

At the end of the day, it is your decision. Your designer will be able to assist you by providing you with available options and their recommendations.

Take Off 

Black is love. You can create the perfect kitchen, no matter what style you choose. Many experienced and talented designers around the world are ready to assist you in incorporating as much or as little black as you desire into your kitchen design. So don’t delay; go ahead and enjoy your new black space.

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